Keysoft has many years of experience in a vast array of web development technologies. Keysoft specialise in producing highly technical database driven web sites that maximise the utilisation and integration of many data sources to provide a rich and extremely functional web site.

Keysoft is not about building shopping carts or simple product check out systems, although we can and have in the past. For these solutions Keysoft can easily source a standard product from many places as already complete and robust packages.

Keysoft is about taking these standard packages and integrating them with custom systems that meet a unique need. Like the student management system we have built for Kaplan which delivers automated mapping of training to about 30,000 students a month based on a complex series of end user specified criteria. The Kaplan system not only manages the delivery of the training material, examinations and training plans but also reports on strict government compliance requirements and pro actively drives the training goals and needs of the end user organisation.

The Kaplan system is a great example of the ability of Keysoft to work closely with our customers to produce a site that does not just tell there customers about their business, it is there business.