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Agency Pro has been developed over a ten-year period through consultation with creative agencies across Australian and New Zealand.

As a well-recognised management solution in the creative industry, Agency Pro has a proven track record in helping studios manage their jobs and time more efficiently.

Agency Pro is a multi-user job costing, management and trafficking system developed using FileMaker Pro. It has everything required for job and client management, including:
  • cost and job tracking;

  • estimating and quoting;

  • purchase orders and invoicing;

  • contact management;

  • timesheet entry;

  • studio scheduling;

  • financial forecasting (including deadlines and budgets).

Agency Pro is ideal for design studios, graphic artists and advertising agencies as it allows users to store all financial, timesheet and design information in one central location.

Project managers and designers can post costs, purchases and design information as they occur. This enables studios to keep an up to date record of all new information relating to a job.

All quotes and invoices are automatically shared with network users, thus providing a comprehensive history of correspondence that is kept in electronic job bags. Outgoing documents, such as invoices, are automatically formatted into a PDF version and attached to an email addressed to the desired client.

Agency Pro can also be tailored to include customised reporting files and printed forms (letterheads, quotes, emails) to ensure our system best suits your needs.

As a leading FileMaker development company, our team of highly skilled and qualified FileMaker developers can provide you with superior support and expert advice built on years of industry experience. Please see below to view the range of support agreements available to you.

Download AgencyPro 5.0 Demo:

Since the release of FileMaker 7.0, Agency Pro has undergone an intense period of enhancement. This has resulted in the creation of a far superior database boasting a fresh user-friendly interface, improved features set and additional functionality.

Currently available for FileMaker 11, Agency Pro 5.0 is compatible with:

Client - PC

  • Windows 7 (Ultimate, Professional, Home Premium)

  • Windows Vista (Ultimate, Business, Hom Premium) SP2

  • Windows XP Professional, Home Edition SP3

Client - MAC

  • Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

  • Mac OS X 10.5.7 Leopard

Server - PC

  • WIndows Server 2008 R2

  • Windows 7 (Professional)

  • Windows Server 2008 (Statndard Edition) SP2

  • Windows Server 2003 (Statndard Edition) SP2

Server - Mac

  • Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server Version 10.7.x (intel-based)

  • Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server Version 10.6.x (intel-based)

  • Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server Version 10.5.8 (intel-based)

As Agency Pro 4.0 is not compatible with FileMaker 10, if you are planning to move to MAC OS X 10.5 or beyond, you will need to upgrade to Agency Pro 5.0.

The latest release of Agency Pro now allows for:
  • drag and drop scheduling of work;

  • a new 'stages' facility for complex jobs;

  • greater customisation of printed forms (letterheads, quotation templates, invoices), reports and data entry screens;

  • a staff tracking facility to monitor staff leave, privileges and training;

  • estimating at 3 levels of depth;

  • Job filters allow users to search for jobs that meet a highly defined criteria due to FileMaker 9.0's multi-criteria search tools;

  • a simpler and more intuitive user interface;

  • and multiple job screens open at any one time.
The Agency Pro 5.0 files have been designed to allow users to update their printed forms with almost no FileMaker experience. In addition, users are easily able to migrate their existing client history to the new version.

Keysoft offers annual support plans that include an online support network available exclusively to all Agency Pro 5.0 users. To view our Agency Pro support plans please see below.

If you would like a quote to upgrade simply call our Agency Pro Product Manager, Daniel Highman on (02) 8920 8375 or send an email to

Agency Pro Standard Cover

$600/month + GST

This support agreement offers 4 hours of onsite or remote support per month, at a discounted hourly rate of $150/hr + GST (or $600/month + GST). These hours can be used for:
  • phone support;

  • email support;

  • training (onsite or remotely);

  • onsite consultation;

  • one Agency Pro 5.0 update.
As an Agency Pro support user, we will ensure that you are given priority when lodging a request, so that your urgent issues are dealt with promptly.

Email support will be provided primarily by our senior software engineer, John Muffett. You will also be allocated a primary account manager, Daniel Highman, who will co-ordinate your support requirements. Support hours can only be used within the month and are not accumulated. Any additional hours would be charged at the standard rate of $180/hr + GST. Travel time for onsite visits is chargeable.

In order to provide the most efficient support service for Agency Pro, it is strongly recommended that we have access to your company's network via VPN. This would enable our software engineers to remotely access your files for support work.

While the Agency Pro Standard Cover is based on 4 hours of monthly support, we are happy to customise a package if more monthly hours are required. Please note that these agreements are pre-paid prior to the provision of support. You may take initial or continuing support agreements for periods of 3, 6 or 12 months.

Agency Pro Lite Cover

$300/month + GST

This package is based on 2 hours of support time each month, at a discounted hourly rate of $150/hr + GST. Similar to the Standard Cover, you may use these hours for priority phone support, email support, training and onsite visits. All terms outlined in the Standard Cover are applicable to this contract.

Ad Hoc Support

Keysoft also provides Ad Hoc database support for your business. Keysoft charges a minimum of 2 hours for any support call out, at a rate of $180/hr + GST. This rate does not include travel expenses, which are also billable. This is payable in advance by EFT.

Any custom modifications or additional feature requests lie outside the scope of our support contracts and will be charged at the standard rate of $180/hr + GST.

If you would like to discuss these Agency Pro support agreements or if you have any questions please feel free to contact Keysoft on (612) 8920-8375 or send us an email to


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