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Acorn Rentals Reduces Costs and Environmental Impact with FileMaker Go

Acorn Rentals, accident replacement vehicle specialist, has been using FileMaker Pro to manage its data for the last 16 years. To help improve administration efficiency and increase the mobility of its team, the company decided to use the recently released FileMaker Go for iPad.

Acorn Rentals was introduced to FileMaker Go by FBA member, Keysoft. At the time Acorn was in the midst of
developing a system to access its FileMaker database remotely with a company in the UK, however it was proving to be expensive and complex.

Keysoft Modified existing displays and optimised them for the iPad.

Aaron Martin, National Marketing Manager at Acorn Rentals said, "We trialled FileMaker Go and were instantly amazed with the possibilities, power and ease of use. It's exactly like using FileMaker Pro in the office, just with a slightly smaller screen! "

"Previously rental agreements made out on the road were completed on paper, now using FileMaker Go on iPad we have full access to our database remotely and can input our client and vehicle details directly into our server in real time, saving us countless sheets of paper and hours in office administration."

"Furthermore, our drivers now have visibility into vehicle movements via the iPad so additional pick-ups and deliveries can be made without returning to the office. Using satellite tracking on the iPad it also allows us to locate drivers and provide more accurate arrival times for our clients."

"FileMaker Go on iPad has allowed us to expand interstate at a rate not previously possible while vastly reducing costs and environmental impact," concluded Martin.

New Asset Management Site in tight timeframe
Keysoft was chosen by Credit Suisse Asset Management to provide them with a new website. The old site was experiencing major performance problems and was in need of a new image.

The new site was built using Keysoft's sophisticated Website Content Management System, KeyCMS.

The new Australian site was part of an international roll-out of a new look for related sites around the world. The roll-out required that all the sites go live at the same time. Keysoft was required to build and thoroughly test the site in its entirety within a five week period.

One of the key benefits that Keysoft provided and which appealed to the asset management group, was Keysoft's commitment to long term support, maintenance and ongoing development of the website.

Another was Keysoft's proven record in the successful management of large projects. The site went live according to schedule.

Keysoft puts eBay on Mobile phones
Keysoft has pushed new boundaries and has implemented a cutting edge solution so eBay users can follow their sales and purchases wherever they are using their mobile phones to monitor their bids and make new bids in real time.

eBay was attracted to Keysoft because its reputation for technical expertise and its proven ability to get projects up and running in short timeframes.

eBay on mobile phones is currently available on Optus and Hutchison '3' networks and Telstra Active is in the pipeline.

KeysoftBiz adapted to Industrial Process
KeysoftBiz is Keysoft's Business Management System (BMS). It is built on the rapid deployment system, FileMaker, and is designed to facilitate streamlined administration of your business-critical data. Clear, easy to learn screens provide instantaneous access to data, from customers' details to budgets and cost analysis, whilst optional security measures can restrict access to more sensitive information.

With BMS, users can create and maintain project budgets, automatically updated with hours worked by staff. Up to the minute reports can easily be sourced to always ensure concise, accurate information at the user's fingertips.

KeysoftBiz has been adapted to many businesses over the years. An innovative adaptation was recently provided to an industrial metal finishing company. One of their requirements was that the times of the various processing activities be recorded using barcodes. The factory operator records the start of the activity being performed using a barcode reader, a bar-coded job number and a bar-coded activity. When the job is completed the operator uses the barcode reader to read a 'finish' code. This way the time to process each process within the job is accurately recorded and can be used to detail billings to the customer or to enable accurate quoting in the future.


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