Filemaker Business Alliance

Keysoft Quick Support
Keysoft can provide ad hoc FileMaker support using our unique KeysoftQS tool. To enable Quick Support all you need to do is download the KeysoftQS tool and run it:

Download Keysoft QS Tool

Quick Support Windows

Quick Support Mac

You can then inform your Keysoft Support Engineer of the ID number and password and they will be able to connect to your machine to diagnose your problem.

Keysoft Support Philosophy
We recognise that different customers need different levels of support. Our paid support programs ensure that our clients continue to receive maximum benefits from the software solutions supplied. At Keysoft you aren't treated like a number. We have an automated phone system that connects you with a technical support representative who gathers and records the issue so that it can be readily addressed and resolved by our support team.

Support from Keysoft is through software professionals who know your business process.


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