Filemaker Business Alliance

Keysoft has produced systems for clients in the following fields.
  • Website development and e-Commerce

  • Database integration to your website

  • Record Management Systems

  • CRM

  • Asset Management Systems

  • Time-billing and project management systems

  • Sales and product management systems

  • WAP and 3G based mobile phone applications

  • Financial management solutions

  • Marketing and contact management

  • Order and tracking systems

  • Import/Export functions across several platforms

  • Web based training systems

  • Compliance systems

  • Real Estate

  • Plus many more

KeysoftBiz has been designed to professionally manage your customers, contacts and projects. You can create budgets for your client's projects that interact in real time with the actual time spent on the job as entered by your staff, and with any project-related purchase orders and expenses. [ more... ]

KeyDonor has been designed and developed in consultation with the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney, to manage the gallery's ongoing donations and to provide a system to market events to specific interest groups. [ more... ]

An Australian Made Leading Edge Business Management Application that Automates Sales, Marketing, Operations and Financial Reporting.

KeyBooker, the browser based booking engine from Keysoft, is a proven integrated business management solution for the hospitality sector.

KeyBooker offers you unrivalled flexibility in the management of multi sites. We include a free consumer website with our Keybooker CMS. [ more... ]

Agency Pro
Agency Pro has been developed over a ten-year period through consultation with Australian and New Zealand clients. It has a proven track record in helping creatives manage their jobs and time more efficiently.

This FileMaker Pro solution is ideal for creative agencies looking for a system that will enable their designers and project management team to work together to handle jobs and keep job related information in one place. It has everything required for job bag tracking, estimating and quoting, cost tracking, invoicing and contact management.

Now available for FileMaker 11. The latest release, Agency Pro 5.0 now allows for drag and drop scheduling of work; a new 'stages' facility for complex jobs; and a simpler and more intuitive user interface. The files have been designed to allow users to update their printed forms with almost no FileMaker experience. [more...]

For most Universities, in order to gain synergy in University business activities and records, a Business Information System is required. Faculties and Administration Units alike usually require access to data pertaining to their commercial activities and other business records. Lodgement, progress tracking, monitoring, notification upon contract renewal and profiling are major functions that are deemed essential from an operational and compliance perspective. KeyRecords from Keysoft is such a Business Information System.

Designed in association with leading Universities, KeyRecords is a browser based system that allows modern Universities to manage and report on statutory obligations using up to date information. Apart from streamlining record management and retrieval, one of the many additional benefits of KeyRecords is that it allows Universities to conduct integrated negotiations with a full knowledge of all the Universities commercial dealings with external parties thereby utilising the combined bargaining capacity of all the University's faculties.


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