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KeyDonor has been designed and developed in consultation with the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney to manage the Gallery's ongoing donations and to provide a system to market events to specific interest groups.

KeyDonor works by categorising the database of known art aficionados into TYPES. This categorisation enables highly specific bulk mail outs / emails to target member groups. The names of these categories can readily be changed to suit individual Gallery needs. Groupings could include for example, Foundation members, Patrons, VIPs, Special members and Potential members plus many others.

KeyDonor records 'contract' or pledge details for companies and individuals, schedules and records payments and issues reports on payments made and due. This allows Art Gallery managers to keep track of individual donor details to determine who to follow up and when to send reminder letters.

KeyDonor allows for multiple AREAS OF INTEREST to be assigned to members and others to that specific marketing and special events can be promoted to target audiences.

KeyDonor manages event invitations RSVPs. The system allows for the tracking of member responses to events, functions and promotion mail outs so that numbers attending can be managed.

The KeyDonor demo is now available for both Windows and Mac and can be used for up to 30 days.

To download your KeyDonor demo, please fill in your details below, and the KeyDonor download link will be sent to your email.

KeyDonor can also be used as a Contact Management System for daily telephone, email and reception contact.

KeyDonor can be readily customised to include any additional features that may be required.

In Addition
- Can be networked up to 250 users.
- Data can be exported to Excel, Word etc.
- Used with both Windows (TM) and Mac (TM) machines.
- Users have varying access levels to confidential information.

The KeyDonor brochure is available and can be downloaded here, and KeyDonor user manual can be downloaded here.


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