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Solutions for your business needs
Keysoft can leverage your investment in technology to help you maximise your competitive advantages. Our knowledge and expertise with market leading technology allows us to develop tailored solutions to your business requirements, allowing you to focus on your own core competencies. Our goal is to develop flexible and scalable solutions aimed at achieving your objectives.

With a proven track record of implementing technology solutions ranging from packages for Architects and other service based businesses to Database Developments for Mobile phone Applications, Keysoft works along side you using the latest technological advances to reduce costs, improve processes, and helping you to take advantage of new business opportunities, every step of the way.

Based on years of experience working with the major Database suppliers' products, we utilise the best available technologies to deliver functional, value-adding software - faster.

Business Solutions and Expertise
With experience across a range of industries, our technical expertise is matched with our ability to understand your business and deliver first-class solutions tailored to your needs. We have designed and commissioned business solutions involving:
  • Business records management

  • Web development and e-Commerce solutions

  • Time-billing and project management systems

  • Sales and product management systems

  • FileMaker Database systems

  • WAP and 3G based mobile solutions

  • Financial management solutions

  • Marketing and contact management

  • Order and tracking systems

  • Online catalogues and shopping carts

  • Import/Export functions across several platforms

  • Web based Learning Management Systems

  • Online ordering and Tracking Systems

  • Office database integration with website

  • Compliance Systems

  • CRM

  • Asset Management Systems

  • Manufacturing Systems

Business Solutions and Expertise
Whatever your business, your operating systems are critical. Keysoft improves the way customers and employees interact with information and with each other. Processes are integrated and streamlined. Complexity is replaced with automated processes that allow your enterprise to meet its goals productively.

Many times our clients' applications start out as small desktop databases. After a while these small systems grow and become very important to the company. However, they are not scaleable, and are unable to support future growth.

Other times businesses install larger 'canned' systems. Many of these 'enterprise' systems obey the 80/20 rule where they do 80% of the business operations well but the other 20% poorly, and to get changes made is either impossible or very expensive.

This is why Keysoft develops open standard flexible systems that allow us to take solutions that we have already developed and customise them to meet 100% of our clients' requirements.

We use Rapid Application Development platforms like FileMaker, so your business software is developed quickly, saving you time and money.

Keysoft's solutions can enable your personnel to work smarter, save time and do it right first time.
If your business is successful but growth is being hampered by your operational procedures, talk to Keysoft.


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